One of the main locations in QUIET SUMMER is Lin-Tien-San, located in Hua-lien County in the East Coast of Taiwan. It was developed during the Japanese colonial period as the forestry village. You can experience the unique mixtures of different culture and people through the buildings and living styles in the village. After the first year of the production, the most beautiful location was burnt down. The director brought some footage from Quiet Summer, which captured the lost scenery, and screened it for the villagers. The residents were touched by the images, which recorded the scenery of Lin-Tien-San.



Hua-lien Sugar Manufactory

Sugar manufacture had been one of the major industries in Taiwan but it gradually declined in the recent years. Hua-lien sugar manufactory closed down right after the shooting of QUIET SUMMER.





Single Veteran Dormitory

If you walk into the small alley behind Taipei Normal College in the east part of Taipei, you can see the sign, which writes "Prohibited Military Zone". This has been the last dormitory for the single veterans in the city of Taipei, which has rapidly changed into the modern city. This veteran dormitory is going to be torn down.



The Industrial Area in Taipei

QUIET SUMMER was shot in the factory, where one of the actors was working. This location is in the industrial area in the suburbs of Taipei, where there are many overseas contract workers (OCW) mainly from Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.





Xi-Men as the main location in Taipei.


QUIET SUMMER begins from the shot in the Xi-Men Market after the big fire. Xi-Men is located in the oldest district in Taipei and after the Second World War, many soldiers from the main land of China settled down here. Recently, Xi-Men attracts the young people, the newcomers to the city and foreign travelers. The director was interested in many historical and cultural layers in this district and chose Xi-Men as the main location in Taipei.






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