QUIET SUMMER tells a story of a young man raised in Japan, who comes to Taiwan to bury the ashes of his mother and finds his Taiwanese background. His travel quietly unfolds the happiness and sadness of a middle-aged Filipino worker and an old Chinese teacher living alone in a poor and single veteran community.


The main character Shuji was played by Yukihiko Kageyama, who started his acting career in Taiwan.. This is his first film as a main actor. A veteran actor Chang Fong, born in Manchuria under the Japanese reign, shares the similar background with the role. Filipino laborer Renato Oytas acted himself in the factory he was working for at that time.


QUIET SUMMER is a narrative film but strongly reflects the personal experiences and backgrounds of the director and actors in the society of Taiwan.

Shuhei Fujita came to Taiwan to participate in the documentary directed by his USC classmate Liang-Yin, Kuo in 2000. As a reseacher and photographer, he visited a lot of local families and encountered various stories in Taiwan. He decided to make a film based on his experiences in the next year. Since many local people had supported this film, QUIET SUMMER was completed after four years without any major financial support.













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