--A Taiwanese Actor of Great Repute

CHANG Fong plays the role of a Chinese teacher and veteran in QUIET SUMMER. He is regarded as one of the most important actors in Taiwanese cinema. He has appeared in more than hundreds of films since the beginning of the film industry in Taiwan and has received the Golden Horse Awards for Best Supporting Actor. He comes from the Northeast (Manchuria) under Japanese reign and moved to Taiwan in 1949 in the Civil War as a theatrical actor for the Chinese National Party. His real life was paralleled to the role he played in QUIET SUMMER.




--A New Acting Talent
as OKAMURA Shuiji

KAGEYAMA Yukihiko , born and raised in Tokyo, plays the role of OKAMURA Shuiji, a sensitive young man who grew up in a divorced family. He started his acting career in Japan but broadened his skills by learning Chinese in Beijing and Taipei. He showed bilingual acting skills and appeared in Taiwanese TV dramas and narrative films. His part in QUIET SUMMER marks his first leading role as an actor in a feature-length narrative film in Taiwan.





Renato OYTAS

---An Amateur Actor
as a Foreign Labor in Taiwan

He was born in Makati City, Philippines. Since he was 18 years old, he has been working in foreign countries, mainly in Middle East Asia, leaving his family in his hometown. He came to Taiwan from Dubai, UAE in 2000 and happened to meet the director Shuhei Fujita at a church on Chung Shan North Road on Sunday. Renato's sincere and lovable personality caught the heart of the director, who asked him to play himself. Because of his job, the shooting was done only on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.



As LAI Me-Ru

She played a role of the woman who shared the sadness in the past with the main character. She has dancing and theatrical acting background, and her fluency in multiple languages broadens her talent.


other actors


CHEN Chen Lien



CHEN Yu-Yien



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